Twodee Design


Goson Collagen Drinks Campaign
A campaign made to advertise and inform on Goson collagen drinks. Made for a webpage ad and other promotional ads.
Goson Face Mask Campaign
Shown here is the cover photo for the mask's storefront page and banners used in promotional marketing for the masks.
Budget Nuts App
The Budget Nuts App was created to help users create and manage a budget while simultaneously managing their credit cards.
Credit Stash
A card game created by the budget management app, Budget Nuts. The game is meant to encourage good credit habits with the ultimate goal being having the highest credit score (represented by nut tokens) to win.
Bombin Ramen
Bringing a fun, happy approach to ramen shops, this project utilizes bold, vibrant colors and "kawaii" aesthetics to give the fictitious restaurant Bombin Ramen an identity.
Jpop Fest
Inspired by Japanese Pop music, these works were all created for a festival capitalizing on the genre.
Claremont Village
This typography project utilized the architecture of the area to influence the design. The poster and booklet shown here are meant to promote the location and offer activities to do and places to visit.
Using the exotic atmosphere and recurring blue and gold in Moroccan culture, this project aims to capture the essence of Morocco and further entice attendees to view the pieces from Morocco on exhibit.
Hair Blog
This website is a blog detailing the journey of a girl’s transition to natural hair. The blog utilizes a more clean, simple design mainly focusing on the photographs.
Product Photography
Story-Based Photography
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